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Transplant Programs

Innovative techniques for kidney transplant patients

Saint Luke's performed the region's first laparoscopic and transvaginal laparoscopic living donor kidney transplants. These innovative techniques mean faster recoveries for patients.

Saint Luke's offers three transplant programs: kidney, heart, and liverSaint Luke's Kidney Transplant Program is the oldest, most experienced program in the region. And as the region's only heart transplant program, Saint Luke's has performed more than 650 transplants—a feat few hospitals in the nation have achieved.

Saint Luke's:

  • Performed the first kidney transplant in the Kansas City area
  • Ranks among the top 10 centers nationwide for adult heart transplants
  • Has one of the shortest wait times for donor hearts in the country
  • Has one of the shortest wait times for kidney transplants
  • Is the most experienced center in the Midwest for combined heart/kidney transplants