Sleep Disorders

Marion Bloch Neuroscience Institute

Sleep Disorders Program

Kansas City's premier sleep disorders program helps patients get the rest they need.

You Need Your Zzzs. So Do Those Who Live With You

Test for obstructive sleep apnea in the comfort of your own bed with our home testing equipment

Saint Luke’s Sleep Disorders Program is the premier provider of sleep-related diagnostic and therapeutic services. We offer a network of seven sleep centers located throughout the metro and region.

Our doctors and staff specialize in sleep medicine, psychiatry, neurology, and respiratory care—providing advanced treatment for 87 known sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders are divided into several classifications:

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep-related breathing disorders
  • Excessive sleepiness of central origin
  • Circadian rhythm sleep disorders
  • Parasomnias, such as sleep walking
  • Sleep related movement disorders
  • Other sleep disorders

Sleep Studies

Suspected obstructive sleep apnea patients can now have testing done in the convenience and comfort of their own beds. With Saint Luke’s, you’ll get hands-on instruction for properly using the equipment, ensuring a more accurate, successful test. Depending on the results, you may need additional tests that require an overnight stay at our of our sleep centers. 

All sleep studies are interpreted by board-certified sleep specialists who work closely with primary care providers to help patients get the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

Learn more about our sleep studies.

Innovative research

Saint Luke's Sleep Disorders Program is dedicated to research. Our sleep specialists actively participate in several research studies at any given time. Their research findings have been published in such peer-reviewed journals as Chest and Sleep.

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    This video instructs home test patients how to set up their devices for monitoring.