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Improve Employee Health, Reduce Health Care Costs

Employees can see a doctor or nurse over their mobile device when they use Saint Luke’s 24/7 app

Saint Luke's LIFEWISE™ provides employers with a comprehensive toolkit of options for managing employee health and managing costs associated with preventable conditions and unhealthy lifestyles.

While our solutions continue to evolve to meet employers’ changing needs, our health and wellbeing objectives have remained constant:

  • To find the best possible solutions for managing health risks through proven interventions and strategies
  • To improve employee health as a means to reduce or eliminate unnecessary utilization of expensive health care services
  • To demonstrate a return on investment with quantifiable results by delivering the most cost-effective, highest quality services and programs

When it comes to wellness, there is no "one-size-fits-all" template. That’s why we deliver programs tailored to the unique needs of the individual client organization. Our collaborative approach is built upon a review of your employee population and the challenges they face, along with an assessment of your organization’s health care costs and claims. This allows us to identify the specific tools that can produce the best results.

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Saint Luke’s provides a comprehensive array of services to effectively manage your employee’s health and improve their overall well-being. As an employer, you have many options for managing risks and reducing costs.

Central to LIFEWISE™ are our Health Enhancement Coordinators (HECs), wellness professionals who work closely with your organization, including your Human Resources and Benefit personnel, your broker, as well as your carrier, and can provide all of the following on an on-site, as needed capacity:

  • Strategic Planning and Consultation
  • Biometric and Lab Screening Coordination
  • Incentive Planning and Design
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Fitness Testing/Risk Monitoring
  • Wellness Program Implementation
  • Wellness Program Reporting
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Fitness and Exercise Classes
  • Fitness Center Equipment Recommendation and Management
  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Population Health Management Programs
  • Referral source to Saint Luke’s clinical and non-clinical specialty areas

In addition to the scope of services that is provided directly by engaging with our HECs, there is a full spectrum of health enhancement opportunities available through Saint Luke’s clinical specialty and non-clinical specialty services. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Cardiac Health and Wellness: A comprehensive evaluation of your employees' cardiac risk status and provides a personal pan for risk and heart event reduction.

Executive Health Management: A complete physical examination and evaluation including extensive blood panel, cardiac and pulmonary function tests, fitness testing, and various preventive screenings designed to provide in-depth consultation and education to executives with a focus on maintaining peak performance personally and for your organization.

Ergonomics: An on-site assessment of your work environment to determine opportunities for improvements to individual work stations and group work areas to reduce the risk and prevalence of work related injuries.

Employee Assistance Program: Provides comprehensive services and tools to help prevent employees' personal problems from having a negative impact in the workplace; other services effectively manage high-risk situations and develop leaders to better deal with difficult teams and conflict.

Diabetes Management: On-site diabetes management, telephonic diabetes management, and group education for your employees is available for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, or who are at risk for developing this condition based on risk factors including family history. Our clinical team provides outcome based comprehensive services and education for preventing and managing the disease.

Saint Luke's 24/7: With our new 24/7 app, your employees can access affordable, convenient, virtual health care by phone, web, or mobile app. When you encourage employees to sign up for Saint Luke’s 24/7, your company will:

  • Reduce health care costs while improving access to high-quality care
  • Decrease absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Give employees an added benefit that delivers a high level of patient satisfaction

A variety of additional wellness options can be provided to your organization to reduce the prevalence and severity of lifestyle related conditions and to reinforce the importance of engaging in preventive health. These options include Saint Luke’s Speakers Bureau to address clinical topics from various Saint Luke’s clinicians, our laboratory services, as well as our on-line health resources and tools.