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Saint Luke's Inpatient Rehabilitation Units rank above the national average for patients who are discharged directly to home from the hospital rather than to another long-term care facility.

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Saint Luke’s therapists have a wide range of responsibilities for inpatient care, including assessment, preventing complications, and helping patients maintain or regain mobility and balance. You can expect to meet with one or more therapists soon after admission, and a full team of experts will collaborate on a plan to help you during your stay.

Short-term inpatient care

Our physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists work with patients in all of the hospital’s units, including general medical-surgical, intensive care (ICU), and specialized rehabilitation. Within 24 to 48 hours of admission, a therapist will help a patient by:

  • Trying to prevent medical complications, such as pneumonia and blood clots
  • Determining whether the patient has a swallowing problem and recommending the most appropriate method of feeding
  • Assessing possible communications or cognitive problems
  • Helping the patient regain mobility and balance
  • Teaching the patient how to care for himself, especially when limited by continuing physical and cognitive challenges

Up and moving

The pace of therapy varies, but it's generally slow at the beginning when patients are more medically fragile. Therapists typically visit once a day. Physical therapists, for example, might begin by asking patients to dangle their legs over the edge of the bed.

As patients grow stronger, sessions are more frequent and therapists push harder—with an eye on maximizing patients' mobility and functionality. Therapists have access to specialized equipment, including:

  • Gait support structures that support patients while they learn to walk again
  • Actual automobiles where patients can practice entering and exiting

Dedicated inpatient rehabilitation

Some patients are discharged from the hospital and moved to an Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, which includes 24-hour supervision and more intense physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Patients can expect three or more hours of hard work every day.

But the rigors of Saint Luke's program pay off. Compared to regional and national performance rankings, Saint Luke’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Units consistently send a higher proportion of patients home—rather than transferring them to a skilled nursing facility.

Saint Luke's offers Inpatient Rehabilitation Units at:

Headed home

The rehab team continues to add to your rehab plan before you're discharged from the hospital—whether you're going home or to a skilled nursing facility. Before you leave, therapists typically will:

  • Educate you and family members on how to meet your needs
  • Arrange for additional therapy by a home health service or an outpatient clinic
  • Help to identify and eliminate household hazards
  • Recommend specialized equipment and furnishings, as needed