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Hereditary Cancer Program

Cancer Care

Whitney Ford, genetic counselor Saint Luke’s Hereditary Cancer Program helps patients assess and manage future cancer risks, especially individuals with hereditary cancer syndromes. The program:

  • Has board-certified genetic counselors on staff
  • Works with your primary care physician or referring physician to discuss health management options
  • Helps educate patients and their families about genetic risk

Although most cancer risk is not inherited, some cancer occurs because of one’s genetic makeup. Having a mutation in particular genes can increase the risk for a number of different cancers, including breast, ovarian, endometrial, and colorectal. Individuals with a strong family history of cancer or who have a personal history of cancer at a young age may consider scheduling a genetic counseling appointment to identify possible additional cancer risks for themselves or their families.

Individuals who should consider genetic counseling include those with:

  • Early-age cancer diagnosis (prior to age 50)
  • More than one cancer diagnosis (bilateral cancer or two different types of cancer)
  • Triple negative breast cancer under the age of 60
  • Multiple family members affected by the same or related cancer (such as breast and ovarian, or colon and endometrial)
  • More than 10 colon polyps
  • Personal or family history of breast or ovarian cancer and Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry
  • An identified gene mutation in the family

Meet our board-certified genetic counselors:

Whitney Ford, MS, CGC
Kallie Weinand, MS, CGC

Learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
To schedule an appointment, call 816-932-4576. 

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