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Dialysis Access

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Saint Luke’s Dialysis Access Center

  • Was the first certified program in the Kansas City area to place a HeRO Graft® in a patient in November 2011
  • Includes four dedicated interventional radiologists who work with our surgeons to ensure patency and longevity of access
  • Offers specialized care for patients with complex access issues 

Establishing dialysis access is an invasive surgical procedure. That’s why Saint Luke’s uses a team of surgeons, interventional radiologists, and access experts to ensure excellent care for patients.

Launched in 2010, Saint Luke’s Dialysis Access Center specializes in caring for patients with complex access issues caused by poor circulation, damaged veins, or malfunctioning dialysis catheters.

The center offers such services as:

  • Dialysis fistula —When a suitable vein is not available, surgeons use artificial vessels, made from synthetic material, to connect the artery to the vein.
  • Dialysis grafts —Surgeons create new blood vessels from live tissue or synthetic material and implant them to improve blood flow.
  • HeRo Graft® —This new, cutting-edge device helps patients with limited access options caused by blockages or damage to the major veins leading to their hearts.
  • Graft and fistula revision—Surgeons repair grafts and fistulas that have become damaged or no longer work correctly.
  • Dialysis catheter and peritoneal dialysis catheter placement and removal

What’s best for me?

Find out everything you need to know about kidney dialysis access from our frequently asked questions.

You’ll find detailed information about the:

  • Types of dialysis available
  • Safety issues involving catheters
  • Use of AV fistulas and who’s the best candidate for them
  • Complications associated with grafts
  • A new option for those with problematic access issues
  • Requirements for dialysis access surgery