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EAP for Employers


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Employee assistance program

Phone:816-931-3073 or 1-800-327-1223 (toll-free)


Providing expertise to assist your employees across Kansas City and around the globe

Saint Luke's EAP program partners with companies seeking solutions for common workplace issues such as:

  • Prevent employees' personal problems from having a negative impact in the workplace
  • Effectively manage high-risk situations
  • Develop leaders to effectively manage conflict
  • Proactively address rising health care costs and unhealthy behaviors
  • Develop workplace skills necessary to compete, adapt, and promote well-being

We customize services and innovative solutions to produce extremely positive outcomes such as:

  • Lowering Saint Luke’s Health System’s mental health expenses from 10 percent to 1.8 percent of total claims paid through a comprehensive strategy
  • Increasing managers’ confidence and skill in dealing with attendance, performance and behavior issues by as much as 70 percent through EAP consultation
  • Training employees in skills to be more effective professionally and personally
  • Counseling employees with personal problems to decrease negative impact in the workplace; 91 percent of clients report improved focus at work and 78 percent report improved productivity
  • Assisting almost 80 percent of those seeking counseling within the short term EAP counseling model, therefore negating the need to utilize their health care plans


Personalized account management for professional service dedicated to you

As a Saint Luke's client, you will know your account manager by name. The account manager will possess either a master's or doctorate, along with an understanding that EAP is a specialty area in which there are two clients, the employer and the employee. Your account manager will personally provide, or will connect you to someone who will provide:

  • Consultation
  • Coaching
  • Counseling 
  • Planning
  • Training
  • Resources and support