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Meet Your Providers

During your hospital stay, a wide variety of employees and hospital personnel may be involved in your care.


At Saint Luke’s you are likely to have a team of doctors involved in your care. Your attending physician will be in charge, plan your care throughout your stay, and may consult specialty physicians to help make decisions about your care. And our teaching facilities, medical students, and physicians completing their residencies may accompany physicians as part of their medical education program.


A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in hospital-based care. The hospitalist partners with your primary care physician to coordinate care while you are in the hospital. Hospitalists oversee all aspects of your care from admission to discharge, update your primary care physician of your progress, and even help arrange follow-up visits and rehabilitation services. Learn more about hospitalists at Saint Luke’s.


A registered nurse is responsible for your direct nursing care. According to the physician’s orders, your nurse will set up IVs, administer medications, and perform other nursing functions. You will have two nurses during a 24-hour period due to different shifts. Student nurses may assist in your care.

Nursing assistants

A nursing assistant is accountable for meeting your physical care needs. The nursing assistant will assist you with activities of daily living, such as bathing, walking, eating, and using the toilet.

Other clinical staff

Your physician may order tests or treatments for you that call on the experience and expertise of other health care professionals, such as registered and certified physical therapists, occupational or speech therapists, respiratory care practitioners, radiation oncology staff, dietitians, pharmacists, and others.

You may need tests from radiology or the laboratory. Staff will either provide treatment in your room or move you to specific treatment areas.


A chaplain is available 24/7 to provide you, your family, and hospital staff with spiritual and emotional support. To request a hospital chaplain, please contact your nurse. Clergy of all faith are always welcome.

Case managers

A nurse case manager is assigned to each patient care area to work with your health care team to ensure timely and efficient care delivery. Case managers provide clinical information to your insurance company, when needed, to obtain approval of your inpatient services. Case managers also monitor your plan of care and assist to remove barriers that prevent you from transitioning from the hospital to home, a nursing facility, or a rehabilitation facility.

Social workers

A social worker is assigned to each patient care area and is trained to help you deal with financial, social, and emotional needs that relate to your illness or hospitalization. Social workers assist case managers in your discharge planning.

Patient advocates

A patient advocate serves as a liaison for you, your family, and the hospital. The patient advocate transcends departmental lines and interacts with staff at all levels within the hospital to help solve any problems, concerns, or unmet needs which may occur while you are a patient.

Interpreters/special needs

Language interpreters are available 24/7 for patients who are not proficient in English, as are language line telephones. Arrangements will be made for rare language or sign language interpreters. Please notify your nurse of your specific needs.


A patient transportation representative is available to quickly and safely take you to other departments for tests, therapy, and other procedures and return you to your room.

Environmental services

An environmental services representative is responsible for cleaning your room.


A volunteer may visit you, deliver reading material, and bring you flowers and mail. Volunteers are identified by their navy shirts or jackets.


An auxilian, or member of the hospital auxiliary group, assists in the hospital waiting lounges, gift shop, and library cart. Auxilians are identified by their pink or red jackets.