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Saint Luke's Midwest Pulmonary Consultants

4321 Washington St,
Medical Plaza III, Ste 6000
Kansas City, MO 64111

At Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, our pulmonary care team:

  • Provides comprehensive treatment for pulmonary issues through a multidisciplinary care team
  • Offers individualized patient care with access to specialty services
  • Continues to advance treatment methods through research and innovation

From chronic cough and asthma to pulmonary hypertension and sleep apnea, we provide a full spectrum of treatment options to help patients suffering from pulmonary issues breathe easy again.

Our multidisciplinary approach to care provides every patient access to a team of highly experienced specialty physicians. At Saint Luke’s Hospital, our pulmonologists frequently collaborate with other services such as:

Our pulmonary team also works with three dedicated chest radiologists, who specialize in interpreting chest images including X-rays and CT scans:

Forms for your visit
Click on the New Patient Forms tab below for the forms to complete prior to your visit with your pulmonlogist. Please print these forms, complete and sign each one, and bring to the receptionist when you check in for your appointment. This will make your check-in process smoother and quicker.

Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Parking is available in the Medical Plaza complex garage located off Washington Street, near Entrance 3. Complimentary valet services are available outside the Medical Plaza building from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
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Saint Luke's Midwest Pulmonary Consultants
4321 Washington St
Medical Plaza III, Ste 6000
Kansas City, MO 64111
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  • Bronchoscopy
  • EBUS (Endobronchial ultrasound)
  • Bronchial thermoplasty
  • Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

Common conditions we treat include: