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Health Enhancement Coordinators


Champions at the heart of employee and organizational health

What to Expect

Implementing strategies to improve your employees' health often requires having a wellness professional devoted to your organization. At the heart of Saint-Luke’s LifeWise wellness program are champions who understand wellness at the strategic level as well as the employee level. These individuals, known as Health Enhancement Coordinators (HECs) work on-site with your organization to help identify and deploy the most effective solutions for addressing specific population needs.

Our experience with many area employers has demonstrated the benefit of having a devoted resource responsible for planning, developing, implementing and evaluating programs and strategies. Perhaps the most significant role for the HEC is to work in partnership with you as the employer, as well as other relevant partners, including your broker and carrier to provide the best engagement opportunities and resources for your employee population around health improvement and health management.

There are several ways to work with a Saint Luke’s Health Enhancement Coordinator, as there are specific roles they fulfill:

  • Dedicated Health Enhancement Coordinators are contracted to work with your organization on-site within an all inclusive capacity on an on-going basis; and
  • Intervention HECs, or iHECs are Health Enhancement Coordinators who work with your organization around specific risk reduction programs and interventions that create employee engagement. These may be shorter term HECs who provide best practice programs around your company’s health risks, and facilitate those initiatives within a specific timeframe that you establish.

Both HEC roles work in partnership with key stakeholders related to your company, including your Human Resource and Benefits department, your broker and your carrier, when applicable.

There are no restrictions or criteria related to company size or demographics for engagement with an HEC; we tailor our program options to employer groups of all sizes and industries.  Health Enhancement Coordinators are employees of Saint Luke’s Health System, with management, training and quality assurance provided by LIFEWISE Corporate Health Solutions.

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The scope of services that can be provided by our Health Enhancement Coordinators include the following:

  • Strategic Planning and Consultation - Strategic planning includes thought leadership and planning after a thorough investigation of key drivers of healthcare utilization and cost data.
  • HRA and Biometric Screening Coordination - Health Enhancement Coordinators are experienced in coordinating and facilitating all aspects of the health risk appraisal and biometric screenings. In addition, the HECs will work with your carrier and vendors.
  • Incentive Plan Design - Our HECs are experts in working with your HR team to customize innovative incentive solutions that can be integrated into the benefit plan design.
  • Wellness Coaching - Our Health Enhancement Coordinators are trained in health coaching techniques and modalities, to enable the facilitation of face-to-face or telephonic coaching around behavior change and lifestyle modification. 
  • Fitness Testing/Risk Monitoring - Health Enhancement Coordinators are trained to provide basic fitness assessments on site; as well as provide monitoring of weight, BMI, and blood pressure.
  • Wellness Program Implementation - Whether these programs are developed by Saint Luke’s or provided by the carrier, the successful implementation of these programs and interventions is a role provided by the Health Enhancement Coordinator. 
  • Wellness Program Reporting - Identifying and reporting program outcomes is also provided by the Health Enhancement Coordinator. Evaluating participation levels and other metrics utilizing various data sources, the Health Enhancement Coordinator will evaluate program efficacy and make recommendations for next-steps.
  • Ergonomic Evaluations - Key Health Enhancement Coordinators have ergonomic training and are certified to provide ergonomic evaluations, consultations and recommendations to your organization, aimed at increasing productivity and decreasing the potential for workplace injuries.
  • Fitness and Exercise Classes - Most of our Health Enhancement Coordinators are certified exercise instructors with experience and expertise in proving instruction in exercise, strength training, yoga, Pilates and other non-impact exercise programs. 
  • Fitness Center Equipment Recommendation and Management - Whether you have a small or large exercise area to equip or manage, our HECs can make recommendations around budgeting and purchasing for the most efficient equipment to meet your organization’s needs.
  • CPR and First Aid Training - Our HEC team are resident experts in CPR and first aid training and certification. We can work within your time constructs to provide your employees with opportunities for first-time training or re-certifications.
  • Referral Source to Saint-Luke’s Clinical and non-Clinical Specialty Areas - Health Enhancement Coordinators can provide some of Saint Luke's clinical areas with programming options including Cardiac Health and Wellness, Women’s’ Health Services, Diabetes Management and Education, Executive Health Management and Saint Luke’s Employee Assistance Program.  Our EAP is our premier resource for resources around wellbeing and professional development.

Select from numerous versatile risk impact programs focused on reducing health risks that contribute to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stress.  These best practice programs developed over time influence improved well-being, behavior change and impact productivity for your organization.  

Your iHEC focuses on:

  • Ongoing program facilitation and management
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee education, communication and supporting materials
  • Evaluation surveys
  • Pre & post program reports

Choose a from a variety of programs including:

  • Wellness SURVIVOR
  • On The Move
  • SUPER Heart
  • Soul Soother's Spa
  • 40 Winks
  • ErgoFit
  • 12 Days of Wellness