Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) Program

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Register now for FAME, a 12-week long series of classes focused on improving diet and lifestyle. Each class includes an informational nutrition lesson and hands-on cooking of tasty, nutritious meals.

Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) is a 12-week program offering nutrition education classes on a variety of topics to help improve diet and lifestyle. You’ll learn simple techniques to cook tasty, nutritious meals.


Classes include:

  • Introduction to Nutrients: Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals.
    Learn the language of nutrition with detailed lessons on macro- and micronutrients. Identify where they are found in foods and how they impact your health. Understand the importance of eating whole foods versus highly-processed foods.
  • Reading Food Labels
    Discover what is in your food with a lesson on how to navigate the food label. Understand where the food industry has hidden food additives, trans fats, and other highly processed ingredients within the ingredients list.
  • Portion Sizes: The FAME Plate
    We don’t all eat the same foods, but we can all learn how to appropriately balance our portion sizes. Learn how to build your plate to optimize your health.
  • Balancing Blood Sugar
    The prevalence of type II diabetes is on the rise. What you eat has a major impact on your overall risk. Learn dietary and lifestyle strategies for regulating blood sugar.
  • Exploring Natural and Artificial Sweeteners
    Sugar has become public enemy number one when discussing food and nutrition. Understand the difference between added-sugars and naturally occurring sugars in foods. Learn how to identify food and beverages that contain highly processed natural and artificial sweeteners.
  • Benefits of Breakfast
    We have all heard it, but do we actually follow it? – “Eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Learn why and strategies to make eating breakfast obtainable. Learn recipes to make your breakfast quick, filling, and portable.
  • Habits for Health
    Optimal health requires more than focusing on what you eat. Discover how drinking enough water, acquiring adequate sleep, breathing mindfully, and moving throughout the day all have a major impact on your health. Learn strategies to incorporate these habits into your daily routine.
  • Strategies for Healthy Digestion
    There is a common phrase “you are what you eat”. Learn why it’s more appropriate to say “you are what you eat, digest, absorb, and eliminate”. Optimize digestion by understanding how your digestive system functions, along with the benefits of gut bacteria and fermented foods.
  • Healthy Eating on the Go
    You most likely are constantly on the go as life keeps you busy. This is no reason to neglect eating well and taking care of your health. Understand why consuming too much fast food can be detrimental to your health. Learn how to make substitutions for more quality whole foods when your busy life takes you through the drive-through lane.
  • Nutritious Lunches and Snacks
    Avoid a trip to the junk food filled vending machine by learning to create nutritious lunches and snacks. Discover how whole food snacks can be incorporated into your daily meals. Adults aren’t the only ones in need of nutritious meals. Learn strategies for encouraging kids to eat healthy foods.
  • Shopping Guide
    The grocery store can be an overwhelming place to shop. Most stores have over 30,000 items to choose from. Understand how to navigate the grocery store and select foods that are the most nutritious. Learn strategies to use the store to your advantage, such as shopping within the bulk section.
  • Everyday Superfoods
    The term ‘superfood’ is used to describe specific foods with major health benefits. Learn why ALL whole foods can be superfoods and how to incorporate them into your daily life. Understand the value of eating organic produce and what foods fall into the categories of “The Clean Fifteen” or “The Dirty Dozen”.

Example recipes include:

  • Baked Kale Chips
  • Quinoa Veggie Stir-fry with Collard Wraps
  • Baked Root Fries
  • Golden Delicious Granola
  • Black Bean Caribbean Pumpkin Soup
  • Hearty Salmon Salad
  • Coco Loco Protein Bars
  • Rainbow Nachos

Each participant will receive a copy of Food as Medicine Everyday: Reclaim Your Health with Whole Foods.

Saint Luke’s Muriel I. Kauffman Women’s Heart Center is a founding member of the Food as Medicine Institute Alliance.

Visit the Food as Medicine Institute website for more information. 


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