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In-Home Services

Crittenton Children's Center

Crittenton community services provide a range of family-centered treatment and support to help children succeed at school and at home. Intervention is designed to:

  • Prevent the need for hospitalization
  • Assist in a child's successful transition back home after a hospital or residential stay

Certified counselors and therapists work with each child and their family members to improve relationships and address a variety of behavioral and emotional concerns. Interventions are culturally sensitive and take into account the values of the community in which the family lives. Treatment efforts focus on the use of family strengths, community advocacy, and collaboration. This includes:

  • Crisis support
  • Family safety plans
  • Case management
  • Support to establish community connections with such resources as mental health professionals, schools, AA groups, and faith communities
  • Assistance for such basic needs as securing food, stable housing and utilities, medical care, etc.

These key community partners make it possible to provide Crittenton Community and In-home Services:

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