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Spiritual Wellness

Crittenton Children's Center

Patients may request a visit from the chaplain by telling any caregiver directly or by filling out a prayer request form located in their unit.

Worship services

Christian worship services for residential patients are offered weekly. Clergy from other religious groups will be sought upon the request of patients and guardians. Other residential groups include trauma and loss groups, youth group/discussion groups, Bible study, individual prayer/reflection time, and occasional outings. Values and spirituality groups meet weekly on each hospital unit.

Information for visiting clergy

Visits from a patient's home clergy are generally encouraged and welcomed. All visitors should be added to the patient's confidential call/visit list, approved by the patient's guardian and therapist.

Prayer from Crittenton youth

Lord, help us get through these
Rough times that come our way;
When we feel like giving up,
Bring us peace and hope each day.
Help me choose a path to love and be loved.

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Chaplain Tom Hawley, M.Div.