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Residential Treatment

Crittenton Children's Center

Crittenton’s residential treatment programs address the intensive needs of adolescents who exhibit high-risk, out-of-control behaviors due to trauma from abuse, neglect, unhealthy socialization, or symptoms of mental illness. With treatment, these young people:

  • Gain internal behavioral control
  • Achieve academic success
  • Function safely and harmoniously within their family and social systems
  • Achieve their full potential and become independent and successful adults

Crittenton residents participate in a treatment plan developed especially to address each child's individual needs. We measure their treatment progress using a nationally accepted outcome tool developed by McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, the Basis-32. In 2009, Crittenton residential treatment programs outperformed the national comparison group in all outcome measures.

Learn about behavioral health services geared toward the needs of military families (PDF).



Crittenton intensive residential treatment services are comprehensive. Specialized units deliver unique care for two distinct groups: dependents of military personnel and highly aggressive adolescent boys. Project Potential programs provide the life skills necessary for a high-quality life.

Crittenton staff help youth use exercise to achieve success.

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