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Treatment Options

Breast Care

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, you want treatment from a facility that offers a full range of options. At Saint Luke’s Breast Centers, you get:

  • A multidisciplinary team of dedicated breast radiologists, pathologists, breast surgeons, and radiation and medical oncologists from Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute who’ll develop a comprehensive treatment plan that covers all bases
  • Chemotherapy, as well as hormone therapy, to minimize the chance of a recurrence
  • A nurse navigator to coordinate your treatment plan and help you maneuver through appointments, insurance questions, and the non-medical aspects of your condition
  • Information and access to ongoing clinical trials and new treatment options
  • Education about breast health
  • Support groups and counseling

Breast surgery

If you need a surgical biopsy or surgical treatment, you’ll have access to surgeons who exclusively perform breast surgery. Specialized breast surgeons understand the intricacies of breast anatomy and have the expertise to handle complex and unusual cases.

Partial breast radiation therapy

Whole breast radiation, which passes through the skin to the breast and surrounding tissue, can damage the heart and lungs and fracture ribs. And more than 90 percent of breast cancer recurrences are near the original site where radiation was administered.

Saint Luke's offers MammoSite® and SAVI™ radiation therapy. These devices deliver radiation to the inside of the breast through a balloon catheter, which limits the effects of radiation on healthy tissues.

Partial breast radiation therapy delivers a highly targeted dose of radiation, meaning treatment can be completed in a few days instead of the few weeks needed for traditional radiation therapy.