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Nurse Navigator

Breast Care

Learning you have breast cancer can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to process all of the information you will receive and make choices about your care and treatment.

Saint Luke’s nurse navigators are here for you. Our navigators are registered nurses with breast cancer expertise who can help ease the burden placed on patients and their families.

Nurse navigator and patient

Saint Luke’s nurse navigators:

  • Are available to assist all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
  • Act as a consistent resource to patients and their families
  • Serve as patient educators and advocates, guiding patients and their families through the cancer diagnosis and treatment process
  • Facilitate rapid scheduling for further testing and follow-up after breast cancer is diagnosed
  • Offer a free monthly education seminar for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients

Nurse navigators help patients by:

  • Collaborating with members of the patient’s medical team
  • Helping patients understand their diagnosis and treatment options
  • Helping to resolve problems that come up during treatment and recovery
  • Acting as clinicians, care coordinators, educators, and counselors for patients and their families
  • Improving patient outcomes through education, support, and monitoring
  • Coordinating care with such other health care providers as nutritionists, social workers, clergy, and counselors
  • Helping patients and their families connect with existing community resources
  • Coordinating a multidisciplinary conference where patients’ cases are reviewed by specialists to discuss treatment options