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Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group adds Sunday clinic

Effective Sunday, Feb. 7, Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group will be open on Sunday mornings for same-day scheduled appointments. Providers will see patients from 8 a.m. to noon. 
The addition of Sunday clinics in the Physicians’ Group means that the clinic will be open, in some capacity, seven days a week, excluding holidays. “We know that people sometimes get sick Saturday evening and on Sunday mornings,” said Gary Jordan, CEO, Wright Memorial Hospital. “We want to provide an option for those patients that doesn’t include visiting the emergency department or suffering through a sickness or injury until Monday. We’ve identified a need in the community, and we’re trying to meet that need.”
Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group is located at 189 Iowa Blvd. in Trenton. To schedule an appointment, patients can call 660-358-5750. For more information, visit