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Wright Memorial Hospital to launch Hospitalist Program

On September 1, Wright Memorial Hospital will launch an inpatient hospitalist program. Hospitalists are physicians and nurse practitioners who specialize in hospital-based care. These specialists coordinate all aspects of care for patients who are in the hospital. The hospitalist communicates with the patient’s primary care physician to ensure that the patient receives the right care in a timely manner.

“One of the great things about having hospitalists take care of inpatient care is that the doctor or nurse practitioner is always available for questions and concerns,” said Gary Jordan, CEO at Wright Memorial Hospital. “They are specifically trained to provide inpatient care, and they have the luxury of being able to focus on the inpatient, since they don’t have office appointments to get back to.” 

When a patient arrives at Wright Memorial Hospital, the hospitalist will direct their admission and treatment. Hospitalists spend their time focused on patients and attend to their needs during their entire stay in the hospital, from admission to discharge. They track tests, progress, and patient well-being. Hospitalists oversee all aspects of the patients' care, even helping arrange follow-up visits and rehab services after discharge.

“The hospitalist will always circle back with the patient’s primary provider to ensure everyone is on the same page from the very beginning of the hospital stay to the very end,” said Jordan. “It really gives the primary care providers more time in the clinics to see more patients in a more timely manner, yet it gives the hospital patients a greater level of personal care and attention.”

Wright Memorial Hospital is located at 191 Iowa Blvd in Trenton. For questions concerning the hospitalist program, please call 358-5729.

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