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Lung Cancer Screening Program

Cancer Care

Saint Luke’s Lung Cancer Screening

The only metro-area hospital where you learn results within minutes from an expert in thoracic imaging

Are you at risk for lung cancer?

Lung cancer kills more men and women worldwide than any other cancer. Early detection means more options. If you are over 50 and have been a heavy smoker for many years or have other risk factors, the expert thoracic radiologists at Saint Luke’s want to talk to you. 

Talk one-on-one with the very doctor who reviews your results. 

If you’re eligible, you’ll undergo a low-dose commuted tomography (CT) scan, which takes less than a minute, then wait in a comfortable room for your consultation with one of our expert doctors. You’ll learn your results within 30 minutes. 

Our renowned radiologists give each patient personal attention when discussing risks and options.

If you need treatment, you’ll be referred to the expert medical team at our Thoracic Center.

Contact Us

Call 816-932-6800 today. A brief health survey will determine whether you qualify.

Cost: $240. Includes the CT scan, the result reading, and personal consultation with a thoracic radiologist.

The True Cost of Smoking in Dollars

$6 Average cost for a pack of cigarettes in the United Sates
$2,190 Amount a pack-a-day habit costs in a year
$35 Amount of health-related costs to you for every pack you smoke
$12,775 Health-related costs to you each year if you smoke a pack a day
$73,000 Estimated medical costs the first year after a lung cancer diagnoses
$140,000 Estimated medical costs in the phase leading up to death from lung cancer
$240 Cost to receive a lung screen at Saint Luke’s Thoracic Clinic
You can’t afford not to get a lung cancer screen.

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Cost of a pack of cigarettes and the health-related costs for each one: American Cancer Society Facts: