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The region's oldest, most experienced kidney transplant program offers innovative techniques that mean a faster recovery for patients.

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Saint Luke's Kidney Transplant Program:

  • Performed the first kidney transplant in the Kansas City area in 1969
  • Has average wait time of 10.2 months
  • Has the most experienced living donor program in the region and performed both the first laparoscopic living donation surgery as well as the first transvaginal living donation surgery in the region
  • Our wait times are the fastest in the region
  • Is a Medicare-approved transplant facility

More experience

Since 1969, the Saint Luke's Kidney Transplant Program has performed more than 1,500 kidney transplants. That makes it the oldest and most experienced program in the region.

More innovation

Saint Luke's surgeons performed the first laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy in the region, resulting in less post-donation discomfort and a faster recovery for the donor.

In 2009, through the collaboration of gynecology and general surgery, Saint Luke's performed the first transvaginal laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy in the region. This innovative procedure for female donors allows for an even faster, less painful recovery.

Why Saint Luke's?

Common reasons patients and doctors choose our program:

  • Easy referrals. We make the referral process as simple as possible for patients, physicians, and health care professionals.
  • Education sessions. We provide comprehensive education for patients and their families. Each patient also receives a Saint Luke’s Kidney Transplant educational manual.
  • Prompt scheduling of initial evaluations. Our goal is to get patients started with their evaluation as soon as possible. We strive for the first visit to be scheduled within one month of referral.
  • Guidance throughout the evaluation process. The transplant team will provide expert knowledge and help patients through the transplant evaluation requirements.
  • HIV positive protocol. We are the only kidney transplant center in Kansas City to transplant patients who are HIV positive.
  • Close to home. If you live in the surrounding communities of Kansas City or Wichita, patients can stay as close to home as possible for their care.

Average Kidney Wait Times


Avg. Wait time

Saint Luke's

10.2 months

University of Kansas

28.7 months

Research Medical Center

31.7 months

University of Missouri

39.1 months

Source: Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients (


Watch how Saint Luke’s helps a woman with kidney disease receive a new kidney from her husband.