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Heart Transplant

Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute’s Heart Transplant Program:

  • Ranks among the top 10 centers nationwide for number of adult heart transplants
  • Is the only active heart transplant center in Kansas and the western two-thirds of Missouri
  • Has one of the shortest waiting times for donor hearts in the country
  • Is a Medicare-approved transplant facility

Top-ranked experience

Saint Luke’s Hospital began its heart transplant program in 1985. Since that time, over 600 individuals have received a second chance at life through a transplant. While 80 percent of U.S. cardiac transplant programs perform 20 or fewer heart transplants a year, Saint Luke’s performed 47 in 2012—the most ever in a single year at Saint Luke’s. Our previous record was 43 in 2010, when Saint Luke’s celebrated its 25th anniversary of heart transplants.

Shorter waiting times

Our program has one of the shortest waiting times for donor hearts in the country. Between 80 to 90 percent of our patients receive transplants within six months of joining the national waiting list, compared to 30 percent nationally.