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Manage your health and connect with your doctor online

Many Saint Luke’s Health System physician offices use RelayHealth, a secure tool that allows you to interact with your doctor and manage your health online. RelayHealth is more secure than regular email and uses encryption technology to ensure your information is only accessible by you, your doctor, and your doctor's authorized staff.

Patients can use RelayHealth to request appointments, get medications refilled, view lab results, and connect with your doctor virtually, without an appointment.

Ask your doctor what parts of RelayHealth you can take advantage of through their practice.


RelayHealth uses secure technology. That means only you, your doctor, and your doctor's authorized staff can access your information.


  • Lets you ask questions, refill medications, make appointments — all online instead of by phone or in person
  • Helps doctors share what's working with each other so patients get better
  • Allows patients to have virtual appointments through webVisits®

RelayHealth makes it easy for you to manage your health care from your computer. With Saint Luke's RelayHealth, you can:

Schedule appointments

  • Request appointments even when your doctor's office is closed
  • Specify which days and times you prefer
  • Cancel and reschedule appointments as needed
  • Enjoy the convenience of online appointment reminders

Refill prescriptions

  • Renew prescriptions easily anytime with online access
  • Specify the pharmacy where you want your prescription sent
  • Access medication information anytime
  • View a list of all your current and past medications 

Request lab or test results

  • Avoid playing phone tag with your doctor's office
  • Get results more quickly with an accompanying explanation from your doctor 

Maintain a personal health record

Store all your health care information in one secure place, including:

  • Family health history
  • Immunization records
  • Names of previous physicians
  • Other health consideration notes
  • Upload such files as scanned lab results
  • Conveniently access your personal health data at any time, from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Maintain control over who has access to your health record
  • Ensure that everyone involved in your health care has up-to-date health information to avoid medical errors or miscommunication
  • Allow your care providers to access your personal health record when:
    • Responding to your messages
    • Creating eScripts
    • Providing referrals
  • Efficiently manage health records for yourself, your spouse, children, or aging parents

Consult with your doctor via webVisit® *

  • Request advice (via a RelayHealth webVisit®) about non-urgent symptoms when it's most convenient
  • Avoid telephone hassles and unnecessary office visits for minor problems
  • Conduct quick and easy interactive medical interviews that gather key data about your symptoms and relay it to your doctor, reducing back-and-forth communication
  • Enjoy stronger privacy and security compared with regular email or telephone communication
  • Access sent and received messages at any time for easy, online reference 

*webVisit® is not available in all offices. Ask your doctor to participate.

What is Saint Luke's RelayHealth? RelayHealth (formerly called CareLink) is a secure online tool that allows you to interact with your doctor and manage your health online. RelayHealth provides convenient access to your doctor from virtually anywhere at any time. More secure than regular e-mail, RelayHealth's encryption technology and privacy policy ensures your information is only accessible by you, your doctor and your doctor's authorized staff.

Who can use RelayHealth? Any patient of a doctor who uses RelayHealth may use the service. Search for a RelayHealth doctor

How much does it cost to use RelayHealth? All RelayHealth services are free with the exception of webVisits. If your benefit plan covers webVisits, a co-pay will be charged for the webVisit. If your plan does not cover online visits, the cost is determined by your doctor. You will be notified of the cost before you begin the webVisit.

How is my privacy protected? Who can see my health information? RelayHealth is a secure service that is compliant with HIPAA, the federal law that protects your private health information. Unlike email, RelayHealth communications are completely secure. RelayHealth uses encryption technology and a stringent privacy policy to protect your personal health information. Your information is only accessible by you, your doctor, and your doctor's authorized staff.

What if my doctor doesn't participate in RelayHealth? If your doctor is not on the list of participating doctors, contact your doctor's office and let him or her know you are interested in RelayHealth. Check back frequently – doctors continue to join every month!